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E . A . G Evolution - Assurance - Governance


Since 2004, E-A-G has helped hundreds of mortgage originators, servicers, law firms, technology companies and services providers successfully implement large-scale technology and organizational changes. E-A-G provides field consulting and managed support services in IT, compliance & security, and business development, for lenders and servicers and for technology and service providers in the residential mortgage market

Advisory Services

Our IT services range from an advisory role to the complete outsourcing of technology functions.

Marketing & Development

Our business development support offerings include market positioning assistance and sales support coordination.

Security & Compliance

Our compliance & security offerings provide expert assistance in audit support, borrower communications, and vendor management.


Tom Bradham

Tom Bradham


Tom has extensive experience as a senior information technology consultant and executive in the mortgage banking industry. Tom’s expertise in supporting Cloud and ASP-delivered software in the mortgage industry has ranged from small software initiatives, to internet banking operations, to full data center support for multi-national banks. Tom is the former Vice President and Chief Information Officer for The LOGS Group in Chicago, IL, which provides default-related legal and business process outsourcing solutions for the residential mortgage and consumer credit.

Prior to that, Tom was Vice President of Client Services at Prizm Technologies, an information technology-outsourcing firm specializing in the financial sector, where he was responsible for the management of the entire support structure, core technologies, data centers, and asset management. Before that, Tom was the Assistant Vice President of data center operations at IndyMac bank, a full-service mortgage operation and retail bank. During his tenure at IndyMac, he was responsible for its data centers, which hosted IndyMac’s online applications and back office functions. Tom previously worked for NetBank (formerly Resource Bancshares Mortgage Group) in various roles, including client services manager, data center operations manager, and network engineer. While with RBMG, he organized and managed the daily and nightly processing for all mortgage banking systems and applications and managed its 24-hour, seven day-a-week data center operations.

Jeff Brunell

Jeff Brunell


Jeff is a highly skilled and deeply experienced senior consultant, technologist and compliance oversight specialist in the areas of structured finance, due diligence, mortgage servicing, and servicing surveillance for residential loans. Jeff is a founding partner of E-A-G, and he has extensive experience as a consultant and executive leader at Covius, RR Donnelley, and the META Group.

Jeff works with clients to ascertain acceptable compliance and operational standards required by market participants to include mortgage servicers, mortgage originators, asset managers, and service providers, and he maintains a broad-based knowledge of regulations (Dodd-Frank, RESPA, TILA, FACTA, FDCPA and others) relating to residential mortgage loans for the purpose of assessing related risk factors. Jeff works with senior management to design and implement corporate structure, policies and procedures, and systems functionality that exceed current market-based standards. Jeff holds a B.S.C.S. from the University of Maryland, a B.S.Ed. from Southern Illinois University, an MBA from National University, an M.S. in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland, and has completed all coursework for a Ph.D. in Information Systems and Science from Nova Southeastern University.



Technology Partner - Engineering Services

Klio Systems, Inc. provides engineering services specializing in financial services industry. With significant expertise in new product development, upgrades, maintenance and system integration, Klio Systems provides the engineering skill set need to implement an effective operational systems.

Management & Operations Consulting

HeathBridge Consulting Group specializes in executive management and operational consulting for the financial services industry, but our team has experience and skill sets that easily translate to other industries as well. HeathBridge has experts who are skilled in hands-on analysis of AND practical solutions for a myriad of common management challenges. From compliance and training, to internal security or management of third party vendor relationships, HeathBridge can help you identify an appropriate solution that fits your organizational needs and financial resources.

Whether your company is just standing up, or is established and running into unforeseen complications for which an easy solution is beyond the reach of your internal human or financial resources, we can assist you in identifying and solving those issues.

Albert Strausser

Albert Strausser

www.albertstrausser.com Advisor to Industry, Leading Mergers & Acquisitions, Turnarounds/Restructurings, and Operational Performance Improvement




E-A-G (Evolution, Assurance and Governance) assists leaders in the financial services industry by providing professional services and technical solutions that effect change (Evolution), that ensure that the selected changes are properly deployed (Assurance), and that enable the evolved organization to achieve maximum success as a result of the change process (Governance).  E-A-G is singularly focused on delivering value to mortgage banking and other financial services organizations.

Since its inception in 2004, E-A-G has helped literally hundreds of mortgage originators, servicers, law firms, technology companies and other mortgage-related services providers successfully implement large-scale technology and organizational changes.

The E-A-G Consulting Team has assisted mortgage banking clients with the following project types:


Loan Origination & Secondary Marketing

  • Worked with numerous lenders in selecting LOS, POS, Product Selection and Pricing technologies and establishing strategic implementation plans.
  • Lead a comprehensive overview of the governance infrastructure of the captive origination operation of one of the largest publicly-traded home builders, including a complete review of the client’s application portfolio, including its LOS, Secondary Marketing, QC, Compliance and Servicing systems.
  • Evaluated risk management policies and procedures, including compliance, Isecurity and operational reviews, for numerous lenders.
  • Developed the product blueprint for a servicer comparison tool for a major rating agency.

Mortgage Servicing

  • Performed ROI analyses to support software selection initiatives of several prime and subprime servicers.
  • Assisted a top-20 mortgage originator construct of a nonprime servicing operation from the ground up. E-A-G guided the project through all of its major business components – software selection, contracting, staffing, software development, space consideration, training development, metric development, budgeting, policy formulation, sourcing, disaster recovery planning, and ratings preparation. These efforts lead to the achievement of a positive servicer rating in the fastest time period ever recorded.
  • Architected the operational blueprint for a top-10 subprime servicer to add a sizeable prime portfolio.
  • Worked with a number of servicers to develop custom investor reports, analytical models and scorecards.
  • Performed a market pricing comparison study for a major publicly-traded third-party servicer.
  • Designed and deployed to the marketplace loan level predictive state transition models
  • Provided direct assistance to over 20 lenders in providing mortgage servicing valuations

Retail Banking

  • Consulted for numerous banking and financial services operations worldwide in developing “to be” architectures, best practices, and process improvement. Analyzed current operations, legacy technologies, processes, and customer demands to validate and drive improvement initiatives.
  • Conducted over 30 engagements worldwide comparing the application portfolios of three major international banks to leading retail banking packaged applications using banking industry researchers and teams of consultants focused on key strategic segments (channel strategy, branch operations, retail versus commercial processing, customer retention, and process handoffs).

Technology Vendors & Service Providers

  • Assisted numerous technology firms in establishing marketing plans, pricing strategies, software development roadmaps, software implementation strategies, and security infrastructure.
  • Worked with several title companies and business process outsourcers in refining their offerings and defining strategies to bundle their services
  • Defined business requirements for software products to support HUD claims processing, including data exchanges through EDI, and to support HUD REO processing, including a multi-tier integration framework.
  • Assisted numerous vendors and mortgage banking organizations in all phases of contract formation by specifying technical requirements, by analyzing price and tax considerations, by formulating and verifying representations & warranties, by devising Service Level Agreements and Statements of Work, and by aiding internal staff constituencies (IT, Finance, HR, Legal, Accounting) and outside counsel in their review of the contract documents.
  • Performed numerous security and compliance infrastructure audits of technology vendors.
  • Conducted due diligence to support several significant technology company acquisitions.


Manufacturing and Medical Research

  • Implemented best practices project management methodologies.
  • Managed several mission-critical data center physical migrations.
  • Assisted with AS400 server migrations.